Enmetric Plug Load Manager Software

The Enmetric Enterprise Plug Load Management Software enables you to set and administer energy use policies for plug loads across your entire campus.

Measure and Control - Gain unprecedented insight into your plug load energy expenditures.  Quickly identify unnecessary loads and automatically shut them off.

Administrative Tools - Generate detailed reports on plug load consumption and demand.  Track progress towards efficiency goals.

Rules Based Automation - Set simple rules to automatically use less power during peak demand hours, reduce base-load demand, and minimize unnecessary off-hours consumption.

See full size screenshot of the software dashboard.

Key Features

Device level monitoring and control - Assign each outlet unique automation rules and manage each PowerPort as an individual device; delivering data granularity and control.
Cloud based web services - Rapidly scalable service for even the largest enterprise; requires no on-site server hardware

OpenADR Compliant - Automate load-shedding with Demand Response for plug load
Enmetric PowerPort

Enmetric PowerPortThe Enmetric 4-channel PowerPort provides high-resolution measurement and control capabilities on each outlet. The PowerPort communicates wirelessly with the Enmetric Bridge using an internal antenna.  It transmits electrical power characteristics (including wattage, voltage, amperage, frequency, and power factor) to respond to control signals. Each Channel includes a manual override switch, for added flexibility. The PowerPort can monitor any standard electrical appliance up to 15 amps.

Enmetric Wireless Bridge

Enmetric BridgeThe Enmetric Wireless Bridge conveys encrypted data between the Enmetric PowerPorts and the Enmetric Servers. The Bridge may communicate with up to 50 PowerPorts, at distances of up to 1000 feet (unimpeded line-of-sight), and connects with the LAN via a standard 10/100 Ethernet port. When greater coverage or additional PowerPorts are needed, simply add Bridges for seamless scaling.

Key Features

Device level monitoring and control - Each outlet is independent; delivering data granularity and control.
4 Channel PowerPort  - Economical solution that meets typical office needs with a simple, intuitive installation

802.15.4 Wireless Communication - Reliable, low power wireless communication is cost effective and easy to deploy.
The Enmetric Data Service

Enmetric Cloud ServiceThe Enmetric cloud-based Data Service ensures that your site’s data will be available and accessible at all times via any Web-enabled device. The Enmetric Data Service scales rapidly, to accommodate even the largest enterprise installation.

API Extensions

Extend and integrate - the extensive API is used to facilitate direct integration with your existing building management and energy management systems.