1. Engage & Plan

Engage.  Contact Enmetric sales for more information about the platform and to review your plug load management needs. Begin to convert your sustainability strategy into reality.

Plan. Enmetric will work with building management and sustainability staff to refine your needs and create a deployment plan.

2. Procure & Install

Procure. The Enmetric team will provide the intelligent Power Ports and wireless bridges as specified in the plug load management plan.

Install. Installation and provisioning of the Power Ports, the smart outlets, and wireless bridges is intuitive. Your building management, facilities, or IT teams can install bridges with assistance from Enmetric specialists.  Each employee can plug their devices into their new Power Port.

Differentiate. Each smart outlet on the Power Port is then assigned a device type to make Administrator management of common office equipment easy.

3. Collect & Analyze Data

Collect. This part is straightforward – leave devices plugged into the Enmetric Power Ports to create a baseline for your company's plug load consumption.  Use the Enmetric software to view real-time plug load power consumption while data is flowing into the system.  Access historical data to view energy usage trends on the activated outlets.

Analyze. Enmetric uses the data collected to clearly identify which devices in your enterprise are wasting energy.

Tune.  Enmetric identifies exactly which plug load devices in your enterprise would save energy through maintenance or modified power settings.

4. Customize Automation Rules

Define. Each outlet can be assigned its own automation profile using the Enmetric software.  This device level automation and control will create the most efficient energy use for the device type serviced by the outlet.

Automate. Automated rules are tailored to take advantage of demand response (DR), time of use (TOU), and peak day pricing (PDP) structures.

Tune. Rules can be tuned over time as usage data unique to your enterprise is recorded.

5. Realize Savings

Save. Enmetric’s plug load management platform can reduce your plug load costs by up to 50% resulting in system payback periods of less than 3 years.