Enmetric’s revolutionary plug load management platform provides a practical solution for improving electrical efficiency in your organization.  Organizations of different types and sizes can use the platform to cut utility costs and take control of their power bills.

Large Enterprise

Managing the plug load of thousands of electrical devices across multiple buildings and campuses may seem like a daunting task but Enmetric’s platform helps you identify exactly which devices need your attention and helps large enterprises manage loads in the most complex of environments.

Both internal business groups and building management organizations can easily support the platform and access critical power usage data.

Small and Medium Size Business

Businesses of any size can realize energy savings from Enmetric’s solution.  Control your utility costs as your company grows so you can grow your company.


Budget tightening affects all branches of the state and federal government agencies.  Investing in the Enmetric energy management platform not only helps manage energy costs – it is aligned with local, state, and federal sustainability initiatives.


Institutions leverage the Enmetric platform for both building power management and plug load energy research.